Monday, July 16, 2007

My Favorite Movies: VERTIGO

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Year: 1958

Vertigo was coolly received by critics and moviegoers when it came out; I felt the same way when I saw it the first time. One: on the surface, it's not as exciting as some of the most popular Hitchcock movies like Psycho, The Birds, or North By Northwest. Second: you have James Stewart, or St. James for fans of his early movies, playing a horny, middle-aged guy. But the catch of Vertigo is that somehow you want to see it over and over again because it's intriguing. It's a tale of obsession at the highest level, with that unmistakable Bernard Herrmann score, fantastic camera work, and Kim Novak's titillating blond hair. Generations of critics and filmmakers have been so intrigued that Vertigo now sits at no. 2 of Sight and Sound's list of the best films of all-time (next to Citizen Kane).




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