Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Favorite Movies: BIYAYA NG LUPA

Director: Manuel Silos
Year: 1959

Biyaya ng Lupa is my favorite Filipino film. I love this movie because I think it represents us very well. It shows the values we hold dear the most, and also our negative ones. And the movie looks and feels very Filipino, like an Amorsolo painting that came to life, albeit in black and white. Written by Celso Al Carunungan, Biyaya ng Lupa is a national treasure that deserves the world's attention.




Anonymous said...

one of the best,isa ito sa mga collection ko,watch it over and over again...bravo

Anonymous said...

kahirap naamn magpost dito....pagkatapos kong panoorin ang pelikulang pa aaplaud ako sa ganda ng story..bravo...

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isa ito sa mga collection ko na movies...