Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Favorite Movies: THE SCHOOL OF ROCK

Director: Richard Linklater
Year: 2003

What can I say? Great cast, great acting, great script, great music. Jack Black delivers one of the best and coolest performances this decade as the frenetic Dewey Finn / "Mr. Schneebley." There's not a boring moment in this movie, in which a failed rocker disguises himself as a substitute teacher and teaches his pupils how to play rock music (during school hours!) so that he could finally fulfill his rock dreams and win a battle of the bands contest. What makes me love this movie even more is the fact that I'm also a teacher. When my elementary students are tearing at each other and making me crazy, and they're just so cute and smart, I just think, jeez, this is the coolest job in the world.




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