Friday, June 15, 2007

My Favorite Movies: METROPOLIS

Director: Fritz Lang
Year: 1927

So you say Star Wars has changed the way you look at movies, has changed your life, was an out-of-body experience, blah blah blah. Now imagine yourself being alive in 1927 and seeing this! Truly a milestone in moviemaking, Metropolis was a masterpiece way ahead of its time, influencing art movements (expressionism, surrealism), other art forms (esp. architecture and literature), other movies decades after its release (Blade Runner, Brazil, Star Wars, heck, the science fiction genre, anime, the robotics industry, probably even the Nazis), plundered for 80s music videos (Queen, Madonna), and even reissued in 1984 color-tinted with a Giorgio Moroder soundtrack. Required viewing for the human race.




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