Monday, June 25, 2007


Director: Sofia Coppola
Year: 2003

What keeps me coming back to this movie is Sofia Coppola's unique style. Whenever I watch this movie, I feel a warmth that is distinctly feminine, like the feeling of being hugged or being taken cared of when you're sick in bed. I love Scarlett Johansson in this; I just want to cuddle her and take care of her and marry her. And can Bill Murray get any better? It was a felt performance. Everybody in this movie, including the Japanese cast and extras, are so natural and so essential; there's not a wasted frame. The cinematography and the use of music are so appropriate and sublime. I remember watching this on DVD for the first time at 5 in the morning and still sleepy. The scene wherein Bill's character arrives in a strange, new city (Tokyo) at dawn, takes in the neon lights, and checks-in at his hotel, I thought, wow, the movie was able to capture how it really feels like, I having experienced the same thing not so long before. And Bill's inaudible message to Scarlett at the end with the Jesus and Mary Chain soundtrack? Genius. I think I'll be watching this movie again and again as long as I live, because it's such a personal experience that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.





Kanoff said...

Une pomme rouge
S'en allant à Rome
Saint Pierre et saint Simon
Gardez bien la maison
S'il y vient un pauvre
Donnez-lui l'aumône
S'il y vient un capucin
Donnez-lui un verre de vin
S'il y vient un voleur
Percez-lui le coeur.

John Lee said...

I didn't realize anybody named their kids Scarlett anymore. In any event, she's a real beauty and an excellent actress.

Some magazine (People?) just named her the best breasts in Hollywood. I was stunned to find a Scarlett Johansson nude video online. Actually, she's topless taking a shower. I don't know what movie that would be from ... but you can see why she was voted best breasts.

If you're interested the video is at It's one of their most downloaded videos. Be careful though, there are some NSFW areas on that site.