Thursday, May 7, 2009

The better to see you with my dear

I'm not really sure what came over me that I became obsessed with owning one of those oversized, authentic vintage eyeglasses from the late '70s and early '80s, a la Dindo Fernando in those Viva movies, or Ninoy Aquino, or well, anybody with glasses at that time. I trawled the internet for info on where in Manila I could get one, and even went to all the optical shops in Robinsons Galleria and SM Megamall, to no avail. My best bet was looking in those neighborhood optical shops that have been there forever, but I figured I might lose my interest in the thing before I could ever find one.

Finally, after a longish search, I found a mine of shockingly inexpensive, unused authentic vintage frames in one shop at a flea market somewhere in the metro, exactly the ones I wanted! I immediately bought two, and went straight to my optometrist to put prescription lenses on one of them. (Note: if you're wearing prescription, don't throw away your old pair just yet. The optometrist would tell you that prescription lenses fit for old, oversized frames just aren't available anymore. They can put the lenses in your oversized vintage frames, but the grade or something won't be "centered" or something. So I suggest, if you're currently laboring through Victor Hugo or Dostoevsky or Infinite Jest, stick with the old pair; if you're going out, put on the welder's mask.

Fancy a frame? Send me your e-mail address and I'll tell you where to get the booty. Now, time to re-enact those cop shows!

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lindy said...

hi paolo. i have been looking for a store that sells oversized vintage eyeglasses for such a long time now. i am hoping the flea market you bought yours from still has some available. here's my email:

thanks so much!