Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Give kung give

This year, let us not forget the reason for the season: commercialism! If you don't feel any remorse or guilt whatsoever to spend a lot this Christmas for gifts, here are some suggestions. (Note: these are stuff I actually want to buy, or have already).

1. Those plastic thingies called CDs

Ang Bandang Shirley - Theme Songs

Eraserheads - 08.30.08
Where: your favorite record store

Kalayo (formerly Pinikpikan) - Sumigla, Sumaya (CD single)

Lakbay Lahi - Biyaheng Organik
(also available for digital download)

Makiling - Malakas at Maganda
(also available as a set with the two previous Makiling Ensemble CDs)

Patatag - Nagbabagang Lupa / Batang Clark / Masdan, O Yahweh (box set)

Pinikpikan - Rhythm Soup For The Tribal Soul (collection)

The Bembol Rockers - The Fabulous Bembol Rockers

The Dorques - The Dorques

2. Dibidi
Now that you have extra cash (I assume), why don't you, for once, not go to Quiapo to buy stuff from Manong dibidi and instead buy Filipino classic films on DVD, now out (and frankly, you should buy them now or wait another two decades for these babies to be in print).

Where: Powerbooks / Astrovision
For Filipinos overseas, try and

John en Marsha

The Philippines' favorite sitcom is now on multiple DVDs! All together now: "Kaya ikaw John, magsumikap ka!"

3. Books (sosyal, you read?)

Where: your favorite bookstore, or at

Ricky Lee - Para Kay B (O Kung Paano Dinevastate ng Pag-Ibig
ang 4 Out of 5 Sa Atin)
The first novel from the hands that wrote or co-wrote Himala, Moral, Jaguar, Salome, Brutal, Karnal, Cain at Abel, and Relasyon, people!

Jessica Zafra - Twisted 8

The Flip Reader
Selected articles from the short-lived magazine edited by Jessica Zafra, that ran for 8 issues earlier this decade. Fun, fun, fun. (Trust me, I have all issues).

The Many Ways of Being Muslim
The first ever anthology of short stories from Filipino Muslim writers, spanning seven decades.

Bram Stoker's Dracula, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, The Complete Illustrated Works of Edgar Allan Poe
Instead of buying all those teenage vampire novels which you have been saving your money for, why not go straight to these originals, at a fraction of the price! (But if what you're after is the love angle, well, um, just take a bite out of a chocolate bar every other chapter!)

4. Sari-sari

Night out with your friends wherever Kalayo (formerly Pinikpikan) is playing. The country's best live act. 'Nuff said!

Night out with your friends, family, or date wherever Olivia is singing. The country's freshest and best jazz vocalist. 'Nuff said!

Tired of the usual kakanin during Christmastime? Then let me tell you that Indian desserts are TO DIE FOR! My favorite is the truly sinful gulab jamun (above), which you can even eat with ice cream if you're a big fan of gluttony. You can buy Indian sweets per piece or
in a box by the kilo.
Where: the Indian grocery stores along UN Avenue, Manila,
across Pope Pius XII Catholic Center

Vinyl records are the past and the future. Buy them used in eBay Philippines, or in Tiendesitas. If you want new, head to Fully Booked in Serendra, where they have a limited stock of jazz and rock classics (a bit pricey though).

You need a device to play those vinyl records in (no Junior, they won't play in your dusty Discman). If money is not a problem, get the TEAC GF-350 turntable, which has a bulit in CD writer for easy ripping of grandpa's Mantovani LPs.
Where: audio stores in Shangri-la Plaza Mall and Park Square Makati, or at

If you are one of those killjoys who actually know what Christmas is all about and the type who gives those envelopes with messages that says I have donated so and so amount on your behalf to so and so charity, then here are some organizations that could use some of that cash:

UNICEF Philippines
Greenpeace Southeast Asia
Wold Wildlife Fund (WWF) Philippines
Philippine Breast Cancer Network
Philippine Diabetes Association
Tahanang Walang Hagdanan
Golden Acres / Home For The Aged

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