Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Word of mouth

i was back in chinatown last sunday to look for this place that i've read a lot about it's called dong bei dumplings it's on yuchengco st. but i will not tell you exactly where on yuchengco st. because i got lost looking for it and so should you but it's totally worth the hassle so it's ok it's a new-ish place owned by a Chinese couple that has just moved from china to manila the place is small with only four tables not many people know it exists but almost everybody who has eaten there became instant fans i ordered the pork dumplings with chives at 80 pesos for ten pieces i took a bite and nearly lost my mind they were the most delicious dumplings i've ever tasted i also ordered those dumplings with water inside yummy many say the food in this unassuming place routinely beats those offered in fancier more expensive institutions the food was certainly very fresh don't you shy away from the chili sauce it's wrong to shy away from the chili sauce i'm definitely coming back hmmm maybe next week burp

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