Saturday, August 30, 2008

A change IS gonna come

I was really hoping that Hillary Clinton would get the Democratic nomination, and then I was hoping that Barack Obama would get her as his Vice-Presidential running mate, but in the end I think he picked the right guy, who will be good not only for his campaign but also for the U.S. if, theoretically, Joe Biden assumes the presidency in case something happens to Obama. And now, John McCain has picked Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, who is not even that well-known among Republicans (well, at least until several hours ago), and who is even younger and probably a lot less experienced than Obama. So much for McCain's argument that a head of state should be qualified and experienced enough, not just domestically but also internationally (hello, Russia!). If the elderly McCain croaks, Palin -- a conservative, an "average hockey mom," an NRA member, and whose last job was as a mayor of 10,000 people -- will theoretically have to take over. In the short run, the choice of Palin seems a logical choice to attract many disgruntled Hillary supporters and the undecided, and to take some of that new-kid-in-town sheen off Obama. But Palin will have to seriously turn on her charm in the next few weeks to convince people that she's a deserving choice (which may even prove that her being chosen was actually a stroke of genius). Otherwise, I think McCain has sealed his fate. A change truly will come on election day.

(Note to Tina Fey: you might want to consider going back to Saturday Night Live!)

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