Friday, December 14, 2007

Appreciation: Freddie Mercury

That voice. That bravado. That moustache. Those teeth. And that name: "Freddie Mercury." Wow. Though I don't understand why he had to change his name. Could there be a more rock star name than Farrokh Bulsara?

Freddie Mercury is my favorite rock star ever because he totally embraced his role as rock star, which was to inspire and uplift humanity by rocking. Even Kurt Cobain admired Mercury's ability to go up on stage and just bask at the adulation of literally a sea of people. Just watch Queen's 1985 Live Aid performance (once voted the greatest live gig ever), specifically during Radio Ga Ga, and be convinced that there probably won't ever be a bigger rock star than Mercury.

Okay, so it should really be Queen and not just Mercury. But I'm sure Brian May and company would agree that the Indian guy in the middle of the stage was the heart and soul of the band. And don't forget that the band attempted to find a successor to Mercury after his death. The nerve; nobody's worthy.

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