Thursday, September 27, 2007

Elliot Yamin has songs for you (9/22/07)

I caught Elliot Yamin's show last Saturday at the Glorietta. Elliot remains my favorite male American Idol finalist, simply because he can sing! He has a very good command of his voice, and he is a white boy who's got soul. In fact, he reminds me of a young Stevie Wonder. I was surprised to find a jampacked Glorietta activity area. So many people turned out that there were no more seat tickets when I got there.

Elliot did an acoustic set. He went through songs from his debut album, to the defeaning screams of the audience. When he finally did his current single, and his signature American Idol song "A Song For You," the screams got even louder. Seeing Elliot sing is a wonder. You just know that he is a sincere guy singing all these heartfelt songs, an ordinary guy who just got lucky to be able to do and get paid for what he loves doing. The last note of his version of "A Song For You" always puts a lump in my throat. Magaling.

After the show was the "meet & greet" session. There were actually three kinds of tickets for the free show (first come-first served). One ticket entitles you to just watch the show in the enclosed area. The second one entitles you to the show and a picture with Elliot, but you may not use your own camera; there was an official photographer (probably not free). The third one entitles you to the show and the opportunity to have your CD autographed, but no photos. Pretty bizarre isn't it? What kind of crap is this? Guys come here, do some shows, may not come back, people buy the CDs, people line up, and the suits take over and make things weird for everybody. It's crazy, frustrating, an ABOMINATION and PROSTITUTION of the art of music!

(Shet, sana pala inagahan ko para nakakuha ako ng ticket.)

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