Monday, August 27, 2007

Minds blown in mall: The 3rd Backdoor Ventures Arts & Music Fest

View all pictures HERE

View all pictures HERE

I did not make it to the first day (Aug. 24) of the three-day event held at the Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall. But the Saturday and Sunday shows blew everybody away. While boy band Rivermaya was having auditions for a new member, these real artists got busy giving religious experiences.

Highlights: Mind-blowing performances by Drum Connection (percussion jam headed by Pinikpikan), Sing India, Kadangyan, Lakbay Lahi, Project Ganymede, Unitiima, The Spaceflower Show, Japanese band The Dorques accompanying a fantastic anime cosplay, and capping the Fest, Pinikpikan’s monster jam and dance freak-out. Okay, the free-flowing GSM Blue wasn’t bad either.

Also noteworthy were Cosmic Love, Bahaghari, the hilarious FMD, The Late Isabel, The Chonkeys, and the return of Indio I. Museo Pambata’s shadow play and the body paint show were also cool.

Boo: Quadro’s Ratbunitata-ish interruptions of The Late Isabel’s set (turning off their power may have been an accident, but soundchecking that freaking guitar while the lady was singing?). Isabel frontwoman Wawi Navarroza was obviously pissed and remarked, “This is what you call mid-set roadkill.”

Head-scratching: Pepe Smith, who slurred and tuned his guitar through “Beep Beep,” and tuned it some more behind some stage props. Not sure what he was on, but his mere presence spelled Rock & Roll to me.

And I can’t wait for next year’s fest!

View all pictures HERE

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